In 1884, Félix Bonnat started realising his biggest passion, making chocolates, at 8 Cours Sénozan in Voiron, Isère, France. Within a pretty short time, his ‘Voiron Pavé’ (praline in the shape of the Voiron cobblestone) were famous in France and, because of the French colonists, also all over the (french colonised) world. His two sons Armand and Gaston joined the firm and soon Bonnat became a  family business, which it still is. It is also the oldest chocolate maker in France which buys its own cacao beans, roasts them and produces all by hand. If a Chocolaterie wants to buy Bonnat chocolate bars, they have to order them well in advance, because they are all tailor-made.
In 1956 Raymond Bonnat took over the business. He married Nicole, daughter of a locally well known French hotelier, and had four children. Two of them, Cécile and Stéphane, are now the fourth generation chocolate makers.
On the Bonnat wrapper the Voiron Cathedral is printed which stands opposite the Chocolaterie.

All Bonnat chocolate is:

  • Kosher-Pareve;
  • Without vanilla and soy lecithin;
  • All dark chocolate has 75% cacao (or even 100%) and milk chocolate 65% cacao.

The Bonnat range:

  • ‘Porcelana’ | 75% dark chocolate
  • ‘Marfil de Blanco’ | 75% dark chocolate
  • ‘Real del Xoconuzco’ | 75% dark chocolate
  • ‘Madagascar Criollo’ | 75% dark chocolate
  • ‘Juliana’ | 75% dark chocolate
  • ‘Jamaïque’ | 75% dark chocolate
  • ‘Trinité’ | 75% dark chocolate
  • ‘Equateur’ | 75% dark chocolate
  • ‘Cote d’Ivoire’ | 75% dark chocolate
  • ‘Ceylan’ | 75% dark chocolate
  • ‘Hacienda el Rosario’ | 75% dark chocolate
  • ‘Chuao’ | 75% dark chocolate
  • ‘Piura Blanco’ | 75% dark chocolate
  • ‘Java’ | 75% dark chocolate
  • ‘Asfarth’ | 75% dark chocolate
  • ‘Surabaya’ | 75% dark chocolate
  • ’100% de Cacao’ | 100% dark chocolate
  • ‘Sans sucre – Noir’ | dark chocolate sugar free
  • ‘Sans sucre – Lait | milk chocolate sugar free
  • ‘Fondant Noisettes’ | dark chocolate with hazelnuts
  • ‘Fondant Amandes’ | dark chocolate with almonds
  • ‘Fondant Noix’ | dark chocolate with walnuts
  • ‘Lait Noisettes’ | milk chocolate with hazelnuts
  • ‘Lait Amandes’ | milk chocolate with almonds
  • ‘Lait Noix’ | milk chocolate with walnuts
  • ‘Ivoire’ | white chocolate
  • ‘Chocolat Maison’ | 80% cacao for making hot chocolate
  • ‘Chocolat Tonic’ | 100% cacao for making hot chocolate
  • ‘Tablette a Cuire’ | cooking chocolate

Once a year, Bonnat produces their famous ‘Oeufs Coquilles’. These eggs are ‘nothing else’ than egg shells richly filled with dark chocolate and a praline filling of almonds and hazelnuts. Too delicious to give away to be honest, but they áre a very nice Easter gift or a nice present to bring at the start of Lent, as the egg symbolises new life.

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